What is Fair Trade Coffee?

Are you the type who often finds a day unsuccessful without a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Addicted to it? If so, then you probably have purchased some packs of coffee. But, do you know that coffees since the early days have been produced by coffee farmers who are often deprived of their rights to obtain a fair compensation? Do you know that the moment you buy coffees from large producers, you are just allowing the company owners to gain profit and not the workers? This is one of the saddest truths I’ve ever heard actually. Thanks to the establishment of Fair Trade Coffee, however, that the production of our favorite drink had brought to change for the better.

The Fair Trade Coffee is in the first place an organization designed to support the coffee farmers who are working hard on coffee plantations just to produce the maximum number of coffee beans but are not getting a decent price for what they harvest in return. Yes, the coffee farmers who are supported by this group are the ones who are paid less than for what they harvest. The Fair Trade Coffee works hard to perform their roles in the lives of these farmers knowing that if they don’t, these workers will never ever be able to succeed from the challenges brought to them by debts and poverty.

There is one main thing that the Fair Trade Certified Coffee had promised to the coffee farmers, that is, to provide the public an alternative to the regularly marketed coffees that will make sure that the farmers working on the coffee plantations will get a good compensation. They introduced this alternative by the name “organic fair trade coffee”.

The organic fair trade coffee is simply a type of coffee developed from organic fair trade coffee beans. Being organic, the beans are processed and treated without the use of any harmful substances like herbicides and pesticides. They are all naturally roasted and processed to yield not just a healthy pack of coffee, but delicate and aromatic as well. Aside from that, the organic coffee of Fair Trade is processed from coffee plants that are cultivated with enough shade. It is for this fact basically that the organic coffee produced by Fair Trade coffee companies are known by the name “shaded coffees”.

Today, with more and more people realizing the great aim maintained by the companies covered by the Fair Trade, more and more support were obtained from the public. Yes, a significant number of coffee drinkers are now turning to the Fair Trade coffee products, and as expected the workers who are supported by the organization are now experiencing a little adjustment to their way of living. The popularity of the organic Fair Trade coffee is further growing with more and more coffee manufacturers and producers now asking for the certification of the organization itself.

Well, for those who want to be certified under the Fair Trade campaigns, it is worth noting that a coffee importer should first subject itself to strict international standards maintained by the Fair Trade organization. As far as I know, the importers are subject to pay a minimum amount of $1.26 per pound which will be used for the credit needed by the coffee farmers themselves. The money collected from the certifications will also be used to distribute the assistance that the coffee farmers need for them to grow.

Now, if you think the Fair Trade Coffee had started a great leap for social and economic progress of our small coffee farmers, then to buy Fair Trade coffees can then be one of the best decisions you can make in life. The good news is that the Fair Trade coffee products are now distributed and marketed in almost every town and city in the United States and other areas in the world, so finding them can be easier. But note that compared to the regular and gourmet coffees marketed today, the organic coffee of Fair Trade comes pretty expensive.