What Are Pre Roasted Whole Coffee Beans?

If you have just recently joined the world of the caffeine drinkers, you naturally would want the taste and smell of all the highly recommended coffee products out there. Then you simply have to get yourself one of the highly coveted pre-roasted whole coffee beans, since nothing can definitely beat the taste of freshly brewed coffee. Coffee snobs would often claim that once you have tasted the good stuff, you definitely wouldn’t settle for the lowly instant coffee anymore.

A lot of coffee connoisseurs would claim that the expert roasting of the coffee beans plays a very significant role in preserving the taste and aroma of coffee. With proper roasting, the original size of the beans doubles and shifts in color from green to rich cinnamon. Coffee experts say the lightly roasted coffee beans will allow you to taste more of the sample of the “origin flavor” of the distinctive taste of the beans from the particular region where is was procured. On the other hand, a darker roasted coffee bean overpowers the origin flavor with the taste that is newly developed in the roasting process itself. So if you are wondering what the labels “Vienna Roast”, “French Roast” and Light Cinnamon Roast” means that are usually indicated on the packaging of Pre-roasted whole coffee beans, it is actually the degree of roasting it had undergone. The popular choice nowadays in the pre-roasted whole coffee beans is the “Full City”, which is often described as not too dark, and not too light.

Among America’s favorite roasted whole coffee bean brands are Seattle’s Best, Gevalia, Gloria Jeans, Green Mountain, Licking Horse Coffee, Kona Coffee, Peets, Starbucks and Planet Bean. Of course most of these brands carry an expensive price tags, but since coffee has become a very precious commodity these days, consumers wouldn’t normally spending a fortune for their daily dose of caffeine.

So what are the important tips that you need to know once you finally got your hands on some expensive roasted whole coffee bean? The first thing to remember here is to choose only the coffee that was roasted within 72 hours so you can enjoy the natural flavors in its best state. Experts often advise that you only grind the bean that you will use that is good only for one batch. Get your own grinder, it is definitely a great investment if you are planning to enjoy freshly brewed coffee everyday. You can easily get a good grinder at $ 15 apiece, a measly amount that will save you from having to endure the pre-ground coffee.

Storage is yet another important factor that you should know about pre-roasted whole coffee beans to be able to maintain the freshness of your coffee. The primary enemies of these beans are moisture, heat, direct light and air. An airtight container is generally the best storage place for your pre-roasted beans to store in a dry and cool place well away from sunlight.

While some people opt to choose the vacuum-sealed containers, it really doesn’t ensure fresh coffee than you were initially led to think. The reason behind this is when the beans are roasted it releases carbon monoxide and will continue to do so after a few days. When freshly roasted beans are packaged in vacuum packs, they will allow the gas to escape first and have been known to taste best only within the be s t 48 hours. In order to be properly vacuum-sealed, manufacturers need to allow the coffee to release all the carbon dioxide since it will only burst the bag if packaged right after roasting. So much for the claim sealed for freshness, right?

When it comes to coffee, it really pays to get your facts straight. Now, you can enjoy that freshly brewed coffee you definitely deserve.