Some Coffee Facts To Think About Over Your Next Cup

When enjoying that next cup of coffee at a social gathering, date or at work there are certain facts about coffee that can be shared. These simple coffee facts may help others to appreciate their cup of coffee even more as well as possibly impressing others with the sharing of these coffee facts.

These interesting coffee facts can be compiled under three basic headings. Those headings could be coffee drinkers themselves, historical facts about coffee and the economics of coffee.

Coffee Drinkers

When sharing coffee facts it may prove interesting to other people the popularity of drinking coffee. For example if sitting with others at work during the coffee break you might state, in an offhanded way, that a person who enjoys their coffee spends a lot of money on that pleasure. In fact the average person spends enough money on coffee every year to purchase a round trip airline ticket to Florida.

Or when sharing coffee facts you can talk about the time commitments of people in obtaining their coffee. For example, while waiting for coffee at the local coffee shop, you could share with those around you that the average person who buys coffee through the convenience of store with a drive-through window will spend as much as 45 hours a year waiting in line.

Historical Coffee Facts

In addition, there are many historical coffee facts. One of those interesting facts could be that the first coffee house to open up in Europe was in the city of Venice. This first coffee shop opened in 1863 and mainly catered to the rich.

Another coffee fact that may impress people may be the knowledge that it takes five years for a coffee tree to mature. In addition, the average output of a coffee tree equates to one pound of roasted coffee per year.

In regards to trivial coffee facts, the individual sharing the information can talk about reading coffee grounds. This piece of information can be followed up by saying that Chase and Sanborn, in the late 1800’s, actually put on a flier instructions on how to read the coffee grounds found in the bottom of a coffee cup.

Or, a little known fact is the invention of instant coffee. This was discovered in 1906 by a Belgian who lived in Guatemala. His name was George Washington. The person sharing this coffee fact could ask if anyone knows who invented instant coffee. Interestingly enough you could declare that it was George Washington.

Economics Of Coffee

For those who are business minded, some interesting coffee facts could include the fact that coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and that it is second only to oil.

In addition, the question could be asked regarding which country is the largest producer of coffee. Some may answer Guatemala, Columbia or Arabia. However, the answer is Brazil where 30 to 40% of the coffee is produced. If your looking for the best coffee you have ever tasted I would recommend having a look at Mystic Monk Coffee that is roasted by monks passionate about coffee.