How To Choose Your Coffee Accessories

Coffee used to be a simple and uncomplicated drink years ago. However, with the emergence of gourmet and specialty coffee, placing an order for a single cup can the a little perplexing with the great of selections to choose from – latte, espresso, decaf, cappuccino, organic just to name a few. All these fancy coffee preparations also come with ridiculously high prices, enough to strain one’s budget. So while its nice to indulge on one of those tall gourmet Starbucks coffee, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on that kind of coffee on a daily basis, right?

So the logical thing here is to actually take time to learn how to prepare your own coffee at home – gourmet style! This will not deprive you of a specialty cups that you have grown to love, you can drink as many cups as you fancy without worrying about rubbing your savings clean. So the logical step is to start investing on those modern coffee accessories that will help you prepare your coffee with just a simple press of a button, any way you like it. The coffee maker is certainly a practical buy, simply a coffee accessory must –have for any self-confessed coffee junkies. The best variety to choose would be the latest ones that allow you to use coffee for single cup brewing. This will entirely eliminate the problem of stale coffee and waste and at the same time will allow you to prepare a fresh batch in just a matter of seconds. Sounds too good to be true? Well, shame on you for undermining the wonders of technology.

Once you have a sleek coffee machine, you naturally would want to have the helpful coffee maker accessories that go with it such as filters and decanters. Among the leading brands in the market today are Bunn and Mr. Coffee accessories that usually come in retail boxes and pack sizes. A destainer is also a must if you want to keep your coffee maker clean and produce the best tasting coffee you have always come to expect. You can use it to clean the insides of your coffee maker to take out coffee stains and remove odors and other trapped bean deposits that can alter the taste and quality of your coffee after prolonged use.

Now, if you are in the mood to splurge, there are other fancy coffee accessories that you can also check out such as the Avanti Crescendo Cappuccino cups made from stainless steel and boast sturdy isothermal walls. This is simply a great addition to your coffee-making arsenal. Online stores are a perfect way to compare the prices of coffee accessories and get impartial reviews on different leading brands in the market today. If you have a mind on purchasing coffee mugs and accessories at discount process, you can easily to do with just a few click of the button. The great thing about shopping online is the fact that you can get the exact specifications along with handy tips that will make preparing every cup a joy.

While you are surfing for additional coffee accessories, it wouldn’t hurt to also browse through popular coffee recipes that you can experiment at the comfort of your home. Why, you can even invite some close friends over for a coffee binge party and sample on the recipes have you have prepared and get firsthand reviews. Once you get the hang of it, and of course by using premium quality coffee beans, you can whip your very own gourmet coffee anytime the mood strikes you. This will help you appreciate the finer arts of preparing coffee and can always be a handy skill that you can use in the future. Now, there’s no need to rely on those elite coffee houses for that heavenly cup of gourmet coffee.

Espresso Cups

Among the popular gourmet cups today is espresso, a heavenly coffee concoction from magnificent Milan, Italy, home of top coffee connoisseurs and caffeine loving fans.

While indulging on a steady stream of espresso cups would seem like a wicked indulgence, for some people it spells pure and unadulterated bliss. So if you are wondering why espresso seems to be causing quite a stir among coffee drinking communities, then maybe it’s about time you sample one yourself. Espresso is made by
creating great water pressure without bringing it boil. The pressure will penetrate through the coffee beans or powder to create a unique flavor in the coffee. Predictably, this approach became the rage in the coffee industry and were introduces to other countries. Consequently different versions were created, newer variations made use of coffee, milk and even chocolate. In the United States, coffee drinkers are more inclined to use syrups and other garnishes on their espresso, which of course resulted to an entirely different flavor.

Illy espresso cups would be the highly recommendable choice for house blends. Why? Illy Coffee are famous for its gourmet coffee, made from premium grade Arabica beans, easily the finest espresso cup you can find in the market today. So if have so keen on having your daily shot of espresso, you naturally would want to know the rudimentary of its preparation, otherwise you’ll run the risk of wasting perfectly wonderful and expensive coffee beans. Before you can start, you naturally would require an espresso machine to do all the work for you. For home use, you need to choose the pump driven type or the steam driven ones. The popular choice today is the steam driven variety since it is significantly cheaper and unrivaled ease of use. This is undoubtedly to best choice for a neophyte like you who is just finding her way around the aromatic world of espresso making.

It’s best to always buy fresh espresso beans rather than the pre-ground variety which pales in comparison to the freshly ground beans in taste. There are coffee makers today that are specifically designed to only make single espresso cup, to ensure freshness in coffee all the time. The coffee beans are stored in pods and are simply put into the machine and with a push of a button, you’ll have your perfectly made espresso cups. Since espresso is usually drunk in a single shot, a special cup is needed to make this a genuinely cosmopolitan affair. You can simply choose to purchase the disposable espresso cups or the recyclable ones like the stainless steel variety. Of course if you are entertaining guests in the house, you need those fancy porcelain espresso cups to create a better impression. When shopping for espresso cups, choose the set that has double layer features to effectively retain the heat of the coffee. These elegant and cute cups are often called “ demitasse” cups, and can only hold to a maximum of 3 ounces of water. There are only those novelty cups and glass ones that offer classic look with a more impressive design that will definitely a great addition to your existing dining ware.

So now that you know the basics espresso equipments to add in your coffee-making arsenal, then you can concentrate on mastering the fine art of preparing it. Say goodbye to those days when all you can offer to your guests is plain old coffee. Now its highly possible to serve gourmet coffee without much fuss that can impress your guests. Keep them asking for seconds and thirds!

Coffee Mugs

A recent study has shown that about 54% of the adult population in the United States drink coffee on a daily basis and is expectedly growing by the minute in view of the coffee rage that phenomenally swept the world by storm. You don’t need a complex math calculation to arrive to the conclusion that such staggering number of coffee drinkers would need personal coffee mugs they can use. So if you are one of the many certified coffee cuppers, a coffee mug would certainly come handy anytime you fancy another cup of joe.

Sipping your favorite caffeine drink in one of those fashionable coffee mugs will definitely enhance your coffee experience. Coffee mugs especially come handy when you are traveling on the road. However, travel mugs require an entirely different design in comparison to other conventional coffee mugs that you use at home or in your office. The popular material for travel mugs are stainless steel and plastic, that will enable you to keep your coffee warm and avoid spillages with the special covering on the rim. While stainless steel is significantly more expensive that the plastic mugs, it is known to provide better insulation than any other material. In fact, travel mugs of superior quality are actually capable of keeping coffee hot for about an hour or so. So if you don’t relish the prospects of drinking stale coffee while on the road, the stainless steel coffee mugs would be the ideal choice. IT also would hurt to know that stainless is sturdy enough to weather every bumps and scratches without breaking into pieces.

Now, for daily use, there’s practically a plethora of coffee mugs in different shapes and sizes imaginable. If you have seen people using personalized coffee mugs with pictures of their loved ones proudly plastered at the front, its actually one of the current fashion for coffee drinkers. It is usually given as a gift or token to close friends and relatives, and customers have actually have freedom on the designs that they want on the mug, captions and photos are the most popular choices. A lot of couples today share the same coffee mug designs, which ultimately makes drinking coffee a rather romantic affair.

Clay and ceramic coffee mugs are best for daily use since it doesn’t interfere with the flavors and aroma of coffee. However, if you opt clay, make sure to check the bottom for equal distribution of the weight to ensure proper insulation and resiliency when storing hot beverages. Now, if you have an artistic flair, why not unleash your creative spirit and design your own mug or give it as a gift with a charming personal touch to it. Artistic coffee mugs never go out of style, even the very ones made by kids lend a delightful appeal to it. To gather up some paint designed for ceramics and give toy creativity full rein as go about making highly unique coffee mugs that will definitely be a heartwarming gift idea. It’s actually an very easy project that you can even encourage kids to get involved in designing coffee mugs. Every design is a clear reflection of one’s personality, so there are no mistakes, and only your imagination to guide you.

You may not know it, but a lot of avid coffee drinkers actually take pride in their coffee mugs. In fact, there are significant members of the population who collect coffee mugs just for the sheer fun of it. So add more fun into every coffee experience you have with great coffee mugs that will make every sip more appealing. It certainly doesn’t hurt to drink your coffee in style, right?

Coffee Carafes

Coffee carafes are yet another implement in storing and serving coffee, much like the urns and decanters. In the country where coffee elitism reigns supreme, serving stale coffee is now considered as a social blunder and can cause unimaginable embarrassment to guests. Of course, you also would not want to suffer through another cup of old coffee or cold ones that can only be described as bland at best. A coffee carafe will also save you from unnecessary wastages since you never have to through or drain put old coffee ever again. If you have a penchant for the expensive gourmet coffee beans, you’d naturally find it heart wrenching for those perfectly expensive specialty beans to go to waste, right? Coffee carafes present the wonderful solution for your coffee woes.

Among the popular choices for coffee carafes are those from Trudeau that features press and lock lids that easily allows continuous without worrying about the messy drips. It is made of stainless steel finish with a leather-like exterior sleeve that makes its sturdy enough for daily use. The coffee carafe has a capacity of 34 ounces or approximately 1 liter. It is also capable of storing coffee and retaining heat for at least 8 hours, which is of course the most valuable feature to consider in buying coffee carafes.

If you prefer the thermal coffee carafes for maximum heat retention, the Ratpunkt brand is definitely a great choice. It offers the sleek stainless steel design and some of the most colorful designs if you have a kitchen motif you want to diligently stick to. It costs around $ 32 apiece and is carefully crafted with careful attention to details of the minimalist design. The stylish European finish will definitely be a welcome addition to any kitchen and add more charm to your coffee experience. It sports vacuum liners that is made from Rosalin glass and no-drip pouring features that will be a joy in any table setting.

The important thing to keep in mind in using carafes is the fact that while it keeps the coffee piping hot, it should not cook the coffee as this would only result to a bitter aftertaste and totally ruin the flavor of the coffee. This is an important factor to consider in order to effectively preserving the original taste of the coffee, ensuring perfect taste and body at all times.

A coffee carafe is also a great way to serve large amounts of coffee during parties and special gatherings. Since you’ll never know when the occasion would call for some large-scale coffee production, a coffee carafe is a perfect equipment to store in your kitchen. Coffee carafes are also ideal for outdoor use, especially during winter season. It’s always a great equipment to carry around during camping and bonfires for kids.

Coffee has always been designed to be enjoyed hot, and it’s a total waste of good coffee if you will be forced to throw it away. So look for some really great coffee carafes to ensure that you will enjoy a steady stream of coffee all the time.

Coffee Urns

Since almost everyone drinks coffee, it’s a great drink to serve in parties and family gatherings, a perfect complement over great conversations. Coffee urns are the most convenient and elegant way to store and serve coffee especially if you have prepared a large batch. Making coffee for a lot of people at the same time can be a rather difficult task for any host. However, a coffee urn can significantly ease your worries and eliminate awkward moments in refilling coffee, especially if you have a highly presentable one. However, more than just the aesthetic factor, coffee urns help retain the heat of the coffee so you don’t have to fret about serving stale coffee to your guests.

When shopping for coffee urns, its best to choose one that has a spout and doesn’t drip that much. Just to be on the safe side, you can choose coffee urns that feature a spout cover and lock. Another factor to consider is the speed, at which it would take the coffee to brew, since you wouldn’t want to dawdle much on your coffee preparation especially if you so many people to attend to. There are some coffee urns that has its own separate thermostat that make it capable of maintaining temperature during the brewing period. You should also make sure the interior features of the urn, it should have a metal infuser made from stainless steel. This is actually one blunder that most shoppers commit. A silver or an aluminum plate actually changes the flavor of the water to be used in brewing coffee. And since your coffee is 90% water, this will ultimately result to a bland or spoiled coffee. So make sure you make inquiries on the exact specifications and features of the coffee urn before you buy it.

Another bone of contention that you have to contend with is the particular brand of coffee to choose. Delonghi coffee urn enjoys popular attention just from residential owners but also for commercial use as well. Their special line of stainless steel coffee urns are considered to be top of the line and are reasonably priced that range from $ 90-120 that has a 50-60 cups capacity. What is so great about the Delonghi coffee urn is its great features such as the unique indicator for freshness that tells you how long the coffee has been left standing. The indicator lights will illuminate by increments of an hour each and will automatically shut off if it has been standing for more than six hours. This will eliminate second-guessing and cause embarrassment of serving stale coffee to your guests. It also has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to adjust the heat from 130-210, depending on your preference. It also boasts a no-drip spigot that totally eliminates worries about coffee stains on your tablecloth, carpet and other serving areas. Another noteworthy product is the Manning-Bowman electric coffee urn that is also fast becoming a favorite among coffee lovers out there. It boasts the same modern features but maintains a rather classic and elegant design, reminiscent to the traditional coffee urns used years ago.

As you might have already gathered, coffee is best enjoyed with wonderful friends. So why would you single on a cup alone when you can have a coffee party whenever it takes your fancy. Having a large urn handy will definitely help you prepare coffee without much fuss. You can even experiment on great gourmet coffee recipes to provide your friends yet another taste of your culinary expertise. Succinctly put, every modern kitchen today should be well equipped with a decent coffee maker along with a coffee urn. You’ll never know when the occasion will call for it.

Travel Mugs

Being constantly on the road can be stressful not only with dealing with homesickness but also with having to contend with the missing out on certain comforts that make life a little more pleasant. While some people wouldn’t mind foregoing the comforts of a warm bed and hot meals, it would be quite unthinkable not to have steaming cup of coffee to keep you company. Nothing can simply rival the comforting sip of a good old cup of joe, right?

This makes travel mugs a definite necessity while you’re away from home. While there are a varied array of designs and materials used on coffee mugs nowadays, with travel coffee mugs, those dainty porcelain or ceramic mugs should be the very least of your choices. More often than not, travel mugs are made of either stainless steel or plastic not only because it provides unparalleled resiliency, but also because it eliminates the problem with spillages or coffee going cold. While stainless steel travel coffee mug is undeniably more expensive than the plastic ones, it is actually the best that can ensure better value for your money. Why? Well, for one plastic travel coffee mug is more prone to break when accidentally dropped and does not keep coffee well enough insulated, as stainless steel would do. With the stainless steel ones, you can expect only superior performance and can keep your coffee hot up to an hour.

When looking for stainless steel travel mugs, the best ones are those with double wall insulation that features a thumb slide lid cover for easy usage. Nothing can come close to drinking hot coffee while battling the grips of winter, right? Among the highly recommended brands of travel mugs are the Nissan travel coffee mugs considered to be among the popular choices for people who demand uncompromising quality. What makes it so special? Its sleek design would probably be enough to warrant a second and third look. It is specifically designed with smart ergonomic construction and unsurpassed ability to retain heat that offers more insulation than any other travel mugs in the market today. It also has the Thermax double wall vacuum insulation and a comfortable contoured mug rubberized grip to make it a lot easier to hold even when driving or walking along rough terrains. What is so amazing about this product is the fact that despite its giant features, it is so light and compact that can easily fit in your car’s cup holder or in your travel bags and backpacks. The average market price of this product is about $ 27, a practical investment to ensure a steaming cup on coffee every time.

There are four designs to choose from for the Nissan Travel Mug series: the espresso mug, leak proof travel mug, dual-purpose mug and the ultimate desktop mug. All of these products come with a 5-year warranty, which of course speaks on the durability and resiliency of the Nissan mugs. Among the important factors to consider when shopping for travel mugs are: design aspects, functionality of the lid, heat retention and usability – and Nissan Travel Series definitely scores high in all five!

Of course there are other equally good quality travel mugs in the market. The most sensible thing to do is to browse through comparative review online so you can have a more impartial and thorough appraisal along with the competitive prices and features of each product.

While it seems a simple affair to shop for travel mugs, choosing the highest quality would be the most sensible decision to make. Not only will it ensure hot coffee every time, you will expect it to last for a great number of years to come.