How To Choose Between a Burr and Blade Grinder

We all love coffee. There is nothing better than a nice, warm cup of Joe on a cold day or on a crisp,morning when you just can’t seem to wake up. When you are investing in any coffee that costs more than six dollars a pound, chances are, you are going to be looking for a good grinder to go with it. Here we will discuss the difference between some basic types of coffee grinders to give you a good idea of which style would work best for you.

blade coffee grinderThe first style of coffee grinder is the blade grinder. This tends to be the less expensive type of grinder whose price range runs about twenty to thirty dollars each. The blades chop the beans into bits. The longer you grind, the smaller those bits get. The down side to this type of grinder is that you will end up with an uneven mix of course and fine coffee. This style of grinder is best suited for those using traditional drip style coffee makers. The unevenness of the grind makes this style grinder less suitable for making espresso. A good espresso is more reliant on an even and consistent blend of coffee. This type of grinder is most suitable for taking along on trips and vacations, but for use in the home I would recommend the next style which is the Burr Grinder.

Burr coffee grinders are the more classy of the types of available grinders. This is where we get to do some great customization of our brews. Burr grinders have two plates of hard metal with sharp edges that rotate together. One plate is connected to another,one of the plates turns  while the the other plate stays in one place. Different burr sizes will yield a different uniform consistency of your grind. The two main types of burrs are conical and flat burrs.

burr coffee grinderConical burrs are the most common type of household burr grinder but they are also the least expensive of the two types. They consist of an outer ring burr and an inner ring burr. Conical burr grinders tend to spin slower than the flat ones which mean that it helps keep the aroma of the coffee  intact. This type of burr grinder works best for drip, percolator, and french press coffee machines. It also works well for espresso grinds.

Flat burrs are the more typical coffee grinder for use in the home and in a cafe for espresso. The plate’s rest on top of one another with this type of grinder. They are identical and usually made of either steel or ceramic. Some of the manufacturer’s allow the blades to adjust up or down for even consistency. This type of grinder is more typically used for fine grinds of coffee.

There are some types of grinders on the market that tend to look like burr grinders, but are actually just mills. They don’t have very good consistency but they work just fine for drip and auto style coffee makers. I would only use this type of grinder as a last resort, like while you wait to purchase your new grinder. I would not recommend this type of a grinder for everyday use. Emergencies only is best.

With all of the different types of grinders on the market we are able to customize the perfect cup of coffee in our own homes. There are models for using on the go, on vacation, or just lounging around at home. With some trial and error you should be well on your way to creating the perfect cup of joe.